Jimmy Walker on Lyme Disease


In the span of a few months, Jimmy Walker went from becoming a major champion to facing major health questions. Faced with a wide array of symptoms from fatigue to a “brain fog,” Walker had contracted Lyme disease. He just didn’t know it yet.

A great interview where he discusses all topics from his Lyme disease to getting back to competitive form.

Kris Bryant. Ouch

Very scary moment. 97 mph and heading right at your noggin. But he’s a tough player.

Early scans and medical examination shows no concussion. Lets hope for the best.

Smugmug Buys Flickr

That’s the big news. Flickr has long been squandered by Yahoo and essentially left to die. It used to be the premier photo sharing service in the 90s. Everyone wanted to have a Flickr account and it was a big deal if you paid for the ‘Pro’ features. Yahoo bought them and just cut the rug out from them. They got rid of the owners and then the talent left and start working for competitors basically creating what Flickr should have been.

Enter Smugmug. Another service that values photographers. Wait and see what exactly will come of this.


Select Partners

Early this morning we have our ‘Select Partners’ tournament. I’m partnering up with my buddy Gary. We’ll see how it goes. It should be a lot of fun as it’s a fairly loose format ‘better ball.’


On a different note…..

It’s a great month for the movies. Infinity Wars and Solo. Both I’m optimistic will be good flicks.

Be well everyone!

Comey Interview

I file this under elections have consequences. What gets me and makes me laugh. Trump is all about being on the attack of Comey who served under both Republicans and Democrats. If Comey hadn’t put the information about the email investigation of Hillary Clinton there is a decent conversation to be had that we’d have a different conversation right now.

James Clapper makes some decent observations of his meetings with Trump while head of the Director of National Intelligence.

On a related note, I wanted to comment on this.

We spend more than the next top twenty countries combined. There has never been an instance where we haven’t had money to buy something for our defense. More than anything we have a bunch of wasteful spending with our military.  Sorry, Donald, but the answer isn’t to spend more.

My last comment. Why isn’t Donald Trump focused on the future and future election meddling by the Russians or any foreign entity? All the discussions are on the past.  We need to focus on the future. We have midterm elections coming.

Comic-Con, Cubs Win, and more Zuckerburg

Baez hits four home runs in two games. Damn. He’s on fire! The offense got going and the Cubbies rolled past the Pirates 13-5.

Coach Maddon reviews the game and the performance of Baez of late.

Zuckerburg Day 2

This has been my issue. Our representatives don’t understand how Facebook works. 95% of them have young twenty-somethings that do all of their social media postings. Yet, they’re pretending to voice outrage as it fits where some of their constituents are.


Some Comic-Con goodness. It’ll make you laugh.

Padres Bench Clear. What an Embarrasement

This whole damn series so far it’s been the Padres MO to pitch the Colorado Rockies inside. You either do that well or you have to go to a different strategy and it’s really only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. Both teams start pitching each other inside and sure enough, you’re going to end up with injured players.

Padres, in this case, end up looking like idiots. Pitching another batter so inside that you completely miss the target and the ball lands behind the batter. That’s crazy.

Another thing. If you a batter comes at you. It’s time to man-up. You don’t throw your glove at him. In the history of baseball brawls, how many times has throwing the glove been effective? 0%. Hell if it was me, I would catch the glove and throw it back at him and then pound him into oblivion.

Also, what’s up with Mark McGuire being involved in so many of these brawls?!?!

Then in Padres fashion, they go on to lose the game. *sigh*


Facebook vs Congress

I’ve officially heard it all while watching some of this. From conservatives blaming him for why they feel they were censored. Cmon. You do realize that it’s all an algorithm. An algorithm based entirely on what you’ve liked in the past and what content you like on a daily basis. Free speech? You need to realize that yes you can say and type anything you’d like but Facebook has the right to determine that it goes against the brand they want to put forward and hence delete it.

I highly enjoyed what Mark said they have going for them with artificial intelligence in flagging hate content. This is huge. Nobody understands that.

Sen. Durbin did have a good point while questioning Mark. Video of the exchange below.