Justice League Day

Justice League

I’m headed to the movies to see Justice League in 70mm. Highest quality negative with a minimal amount of crop applied to the film – but I always enjoy 70mm films. For camera buffs, it’s like watching medium format film.

I’m curious to see what the hidden content is at the end. It’s also going to be tough to avoid spoilers.


Titleist new AVX Ball

I had a good discussion about this yesterday. Have you heard of the new Titleist AVX ball? It’s a new release from Titleist in only three states – California, Arizona, and Florida. We also don’t know if this ball will be around in the future as Titleist has said that it’s a test ball. My conversation that I had? It seems to be a long ball for just about everyone. But what do you call it? I heard it called yesterday,”The Titleist Pro V1 AVX”. That sounds like an awfully long name. I think my buddy Pete will like them because finally, they have a top-tier premium ball that comes in yellow.

NBA’s One and Done

I hope we’re getting rid of it. It’s kind of made a mockery of college basketball. If you’re going to go to college and play hoops, then you should stick around and do so. These coaches in colleges need teams that they can count on.


Bring on Tuesday

Justice League

Comes out this Thursday. I’m excited for it. I was one of the few that didn’t totally hate ‘Man of Steel’ and ‘Batman v Superman’. It might be one of my first moviepass movies.

Congratulations to Bob Madsen


Congratulations on Bob Madsen for being named Golf Teacher of the Year on Planet Earth. It turns out there are awards on the national level, the regional level, the sectional level, and who knows what else?!?! Still congratulations sir.

*Tiny Footnote to the photographer* Smiles involve teeth. Otherwise, you just look weird.

Cowboys Lost…

Looks like Steve A. Smith is quite happy about it.

iPhone X Popularity

It’s still my daily driver. The camera on the front and back are fabulous. No more home button is the future. I seriously wish the IPads had this now! Excellent video from Casey about the lines in New York City to get one.

But Perhaps the best Review…

Does come from iJustine. Well done on the review.

Also, Leo Laporte does an excellent review (ish)

Oh There you are Wednesday

Will Ferrell joins Dan Patrick

Also yesterday Reggie Miller was on talking about basketball. Definitely had some good takes…

Big Night for Democrats

I’ve never seen anyone with the stature of Chris Christie fall from being a State favorite so fast. Virginia was big. This is just the beginning with candidates running on Donald Trump’s unpopular approval rating. It’s hard to govern as President when you’re approval rating is steady at thirty-some percent. Democrats. I wouldn’t get cocky. You have your own problems coming up. You have to find a formidable candidate and then do your party a favor – revamp your entire selection process to make things legit and fair.

I’m posting this video on the back and forth with Chris Todd. I just enjoy seeing Corey all fired up.

Movie Moment….

I’ve always enjoyed this ‘Moneyball scene’. Especially relevant as a lot of teams are making moves to right their seasons from last year.


Always good to get out for golf with the guys. Eric brought the comedy and Joel brought the banter. I just mix it up.


iPhone X Review: Way Cool But More

I’ve now played with the iPhone X for two days. First day was second hand with my wife’s and second day I got lucky and found a store with one in stock. At first, I was very reluctant as it does feel like a smaller phone than the 7 Plus. My initial thoughts before playing with the iPhone X –

  • The 5.8 inches is a trick as it’s not as wide as the iPhone 7 Plus or 8 Plus which makes it less than ideal for watching any video on it. It’s not 16:9 which makes the aspect ratio on the phone weird.
  • No touch ID. Why couldn’t Apple have really surprised people and put TouchID on the back? Top Android phones are doing this and I hope Apple does that with the X 2.
  • It’s still a 12-megapixel camera. How much does that mean? To moderately serious photographers – not much because the sensor on these phones is incredibly small. I almost wish they charged an ultra-premium for a ‘Photographers Edition’
  • OLED. Yes, you can rant about how awesome the colors look on it. But the problem with OLED is ‘burn in’. Same as with OLED televisions. Over a period of time eventually, most OLED panels get light to severe burn in. Will these panels be any different? We don’t know as this is Apple’s first edition using the panels from Samsung.


Now my review based on my time using it. My big annoyance is still around. Every phone that Apple ships has ways of the iPhone charging faster. Yet Apple chooses not to include those cables for the fastest charging. Why?!? This time is no different.

This iPhone X has a better camera than the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus. Hugely different? No. But you can notice it if you look at the colors and the sharpness around people. Again it’s a smaller sensor so for anything which you know you’ll really want to cherish, I’d use an actual camera. Remember those? Higher quality lenses with more megapixels.

It completely ditches the home button. Initially, I thought this was a negative. But then I remembered my complaints with the iPhone 3G and iPhone 5 was that the home button always made me feel like the device was very simplistic.

The iPhone X feels ahead of its time, perfect for a target audience of technology enthusiasts and obsessive photographers. Everyone else may want to wait awhile to buy as there is a slight learning curve. Actions that you’ve been using for 3/4 of a decade are now gone. You might as well get ready and learn them as this is the direction that Apple is headed.

Bottom line

In terms of features, the iPhone X is the most impressive smartphone ever made. It’s worth the $999 — but that doesn’t mean you should buy it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the iPhone X to my tech-crazed friends or photographers, but the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 7 are just as fast while being simpler and more familiar to use.

Then again, if you are willing to get up early to line up for a $999 phone, you are probably the target demographic for the iPhone X anyway. Make sure you grab a coffee while you wait in line.

It’s iPhone Day

Yep. If you got your iPhone order in about a month ago they should be delivering today. If you’re like me, and you got your order in about three minutes later, you should see yours at the end of the month. It’s amazing to me how much of Apple’s revenue is strictly from one product now. I’m kind of torn about my feelings on the new iPhone. I really wish that they had done facial recognition and allowed for the fingerprint reader – together. That would’ve been the ultimate – perfect world for me.

Thor: Ragnarok


Out today. I’m excited about it. It’s one of those movies where if you’re a comic fan that you can see multiple times.

Clinton Corrupted DNC


Well, now more evidence is coming to light that it looks like Hillary Clinton and the DNC conspired together to make sure that she was the candidate. If there was ever a time for a complete overhaul of the Democratic Party – now is that time. You can’t be a better option if that option has corruption happening at its base. It’s just flat wrong. For starters – I’d get rid of the superdelegates. Next – I might even go as far as to apologize to Bernie Sanders. Who it’s now very obvious that the system was completely rigged against.

Happy Halloween

So it begins….

Halloween is off to a roaring start. It’s hard to believe how many of these holidays I’ve celebrated. Some of them I’ve actually gone through the trouble of dressing up for but I can say that honor has not happened within the last 5 to 10 years.

I hope you noticed the site change that I managed to do for Halloween. It will be up there until November 1. So have a look while you can. Just something a little different. I’m not one of these people that changes my background picture every few days to try to make my website look different. When people come to my site I want people to know what they’re getting because they’re used to a look.

A Little bit of a commentary coming at you. How about this Halloween we stay away from the politics? How about we just post pictures of our kids.? Maybe we as parents try not to complain about every little thing?

Also… What’s up with all the oversharing on Facebook.? Do people just really have nothing better to do than just endlessly post their lives on Facebook? Of course, I say that as I’m posting some of my life to this website that I run.

Stephen A on Players Wearing Hoodies in the NBA

John Smoltz on the World Series

Astros definitely have some momentum. Can they keep it going in Los Angeles?!? I’ve felt for a long time that Kershaw in overrated in the playoffs. One hundred playoff innings and a nearly 4.5 ERA vs his regular season 2.5 ERA. I knew that Astros would be able to get one game off of him. For a $250 million dollar pitcher, you have to come up big in the playoffs.

IPhone X Orders


iPhone X on Sale

Apple launched their iPhone X for sale last night at midnight. My wife and I both stayed up to purchase. It seems this year that the people that were on the iPhone Apple Payment Program really had an advantage at checkout. My wife was done and ordered her phone in a matter of minutes at 12:05 AM. Mine took about fifteen minutes longer and is due to arrive in two-three weeks. So just in time for Thanksgiving. Shipping times have now slipped to the middle to late December and we may soon see them slip to mid-January by the middle of today.

What’s odd? Two things. Apple is selling them in stores this year at launch with what they’re telling customers will be severely limited quantities. This translates to a lot of people waiting lines very early in the morning and Apple getting the press coverage of people in various cities waiting in long lines. It’s a bit disappointing as I thought Apple was over the days of going after publicity like this. But they’re one of the few companies that can churn up this level of publicity each given year. If you got it – flaunt it as it goes. The IPhone has the demand so they’re using that to their advantage.

The second bit of oddness. The phone officially comes out November 3rd and already they’re on eBay selling at a premium of over a 100% markup. So you can buy on eBay a phone that will be delivered to you on November 3rd but you pay $2300 vs at cost $1300. That’s crazy!

Conan Playing Video Games with Aaron Rodgers

Lots and lots of jokes about his injury….I think you’ll enjoy this bit.

Unwritten Rules of Golf