Sycuan Member-Guest


It’s the yearly Member-Guest that I look forward to. This tournament is the full deal with all the bells and whistles. Lunch, dinner, camaraderie, oh and yes there is a lot of golf actually played.

Before I start getting into my experience. I’d like to thank Clint Higgins and Jason Schneider and all of the Sycuan Resort staff for making it such a special event. If it wasn’t for you guys, the event wouldn’t be what it should be.


Friday was an optional buy-in around and as with most golfers, we can’t get enough golf and so we sign up for play an optional round.

The Doctor on Oak Glenn

We had an excellent time and didn’t have our best stuff. Doctor was making a mistake or it was me. It just wasn’t flawless golf.

Playing opposite of us was Dylan Graham and Doug Babington. Video above is Dylan demonstrating that he can nail a one foot putt. Well done sir!


Saturday was the first official day of the tournament. Various formats on different days but it was obvious Saturday was the day to separate the men from the boys. All your ball counts and no cushion/safety net that is provided on Sunday.

We had an excellent time and finished even for the day. But even for the day doesn’t get you close enough to the leaders that you need to be.

For the first time – we actually had a Saturday evening dinner. One which we brought out the ladies for.


Doctor and his wife Cindy.

On a slightly comical note, it was really obvious that some people didn’t understand what ‘business casual’ meant. We had jeans and Hawaiian shirts and some people in shorts. Rather funny but perhaps typical for our club.

These two. It was definitely a bromance all weekend long.


We started off hot and played well. My partner Keith just didn’t have his A-game which was frustrating for him. I know how that feels. I carried the team on the front nine and then Keith found some of his game and contributed on the back 9. Highly enjoyable to always play with Keith and enjoy the time out there. Nobody I’d rather partner with.

Who’d we play? Craiger and Scott. Both class acts and made the round very enjoyable.

Craig teeing off.

We ended up finishing a stroke out of the money but we did gamble playing this dice game. The first year we ended up doing that and ironically we ended making more doing that than some people did in their winnings. Crazy!

Final Review

Excellent tournament and the new format is welcome. Perhaps some slight modifications in the payouts to make it so there are fewer ties. We’ll see. Loved showing everything Sycuan has to offer.





Happy Friday

First Some Funny Items

You have to love Wolf giving some tips to Anderson Cooper on his birthday.

Moving onto something I found from SNL from years ago that I found quite funny.

‘Meet your 2nd Wife’

Member Guest

Dylan Graham hitting into the 18th of Willow last Tuesday

Yep – it’s that time of year. Sycuan’s Member-Guest which I look forward to every year. Every year I always think that I don’t get enough photography from the event. This year, a solution was had. I won’t be playing in the derby and instead, I’m going to try taking some photographs of the event. I’m highly looking forward to all days.

Below is a video from a while ago. I was looking for something fun to post and came across this. Enjoy!

Mother’s Day, Player’s Championship, and Saturday Evening Out

Let’s Start with the Players


It’s always one of my favorite tournaments to watch. This year, Webb Simpson, just played stupendous golf from the start and ran away with this tournament. The guy who had to re-work how to putt when they banned the long putter. Well, you did it, Webb.

Tiger looked like he was mounting a charge for 2nd place but he fell victim to the 17th.

There were people that had worse finishes though – enter Jordan Spieth.

Mother’s Day

It’s hard to believe it’s been fourteen years since my mother passed. I wish I could say that it gets easier but it definitely doesn’t. I won’t be cliche’ and say she was the greatest mom in the world but I will say she was the best to me. I remember her driving an hour and a half to a cross-country meet to pick me up so that I wouldn’t have to take the bus home. Which enabled me three additional hours to get ready for prom. The things that I remember I make sure to write down now. Memories fade.

My wife Daniela is an excellent mother. Here’s a video I put together of my wife and her children.

Saturday Evening out…..


We went out for a night on the town downtown. I’d say about four times a year we end up in downtown San Diego and it’s enjoyable each time. I’m not sure I’d feel the same way if I did live downtown. HaHa.

Oh, we’re definitely quite the group of dancers.

Karate Kid Season 2

My wife will be happy. The YouTube Red show got picked up for a 2nd season. With that many views, it was no wonder it did.

More of the saga of these two. Yes! If you haven’t watched the first episode it’s available for free on YouTube. I’ll post it here.

Phil: Not sure Tiger wants a piece of me.

Phil responds to the excitement of being paired with Tiger Woods. Phil, ofcourse, had to put in his flare.

“I’m not sure if he wants a piece of me.” – Phil Mickelson

Tiger was asked how much to play for. Good response.


Phil Mickelson also had a good comment talking about just how good Tiger Woods’ 2000 run of golf was.

Some Funny. Dan Patrick. Golf with the Boys.

Lets start Tuesday off with a good laugh.

Moving on….

Dan Patrick

Why doesn’t Big Ben realize that eventually, every football team is going to draft your successor? Well, it happened to Big Ben and he wasn’t happy. Grow up…

Also, can we stop the discussion of Lebron going to the Knicks?

Reggie does a good job of breaking down the playoffs.

Golf with the Boys Yesterday


It was an interesting one. We played the game of ‘Wolf’ and I should have known better. By the third hole, I was regretting it as the round was going so slow. Between slow play and pick-ups going throughout the entire ground except two of us. Why is it frustrating for me? Mainly because you’re giving yourself 6-foot putts that ordinarily in a tournament you’d miss. Those are strokes that you should have in a tournament. I mean it would be one thing if from six feet away you said ,”Give me two from here.” That would be realistic.

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 9.13.49 AM

The import part from above is ‘the number of strokes needed to complete the hole from that point more than half the time.’ My group on Monday’s – I guess they’re making six footers all day.

Between the slowness and the pick-ups. It was a frustrating round of golf. Which is odd as my Tuesday group – unless it’s next to the pin. They’re putting it. It’s how it should be.

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 6.31.02 AM


Day Wins

Jason Day wins. What a round from yesterday to today.

It wasn’t all sunshine though. Definitely hit some shots like I do….

Jason Day did have an interesting quote on Sunday after the tournament.

“Tiger [Woods] texted me last night. Great playing [Saturday], get this thing done.’”

Meanwhile, Phil Mickelson continued his strong season with his sixth top 10, finishing in a tie for fifth place. His run of three birdies on the back nine helped him climb up the leaderboard.

Lefty only finished with six pars in an eventful round but posted a 69 in Round 4. Rickie Fowler was also all over the place Sunday, although he did have one of the best shots of the day with this 76-foot putt for eagle on No. 7:

Onto Sawgrass. One of the most fun tournament of the year.

Cobra Kai

I’ve been watching this series on YouTube Red. Surprise! I highly enjoy it. 5.9 million views in the first few days. I think YouTube has a hit on their hands. Bonus: It’s shot and shown in 4k.

Ralph Macchio and William Zabka

My wife ironically likes William Zabka the best. He’s playing a character that’s going through a rough patch and he’s kind of stuck in the 80s.

I’m ready for a season 2. YouTube do it!! Four stars and I highly enjoyed it.

First Wednesday Tournament

Our first Wednesday Golf Tournament was upon us. A bit of a weird format and I was just exhausted from the week. I played terrible with an 83 but my buddy Doug shot 79. First time shooting in the 70s since the 1990’s.

A rather big deal as I’ve witnessed Doug’s trial and error to get there. Surprisingly, only two of our group would join him for a beer to celebrate.

The last hole though was make or break. He went for it in trying to drive the green. He went far enough right and over the water to where he could just pitch up and easily get his par.