Wednesday Morning

Happy Wednesday Everyone.

CochLear Fun

I spent my Tuesday night sitting at a Cochlear Implant Support group in Carmel Mountain Ranch. After all of these consults, we’re still undecided on which she wants done. So many options. My wife had a bad cold and went to the Doctor when she couldn’t hear out of her ear. Physicians told her that it was just blockage due to fluid in the ear. Fast forward a bit and we find out that it wasn’t a blockage. That she had an ear infection and because she wasn’t treated with steriods soon enough – she was left with no hearing in one ear.

Wife with Dr. Laura

Anyway. The Cochlear is a more invasive procedure that, fortunately, my wife only lost hearing in one ear. The Cochlear Company does make a product called the Baha that uses bone conductive technology for sending sound directly through the bone of your skull to your sound processing parts of the brain. These are all options far more advanced than hearing aids.

On a slightly funny note. The room probably had an average age of seventy years old. Cochlear sends in this representative with a Audiologist speciality who is this representative for Cochlear. Just so happens to be a beautiful twenty-five year old.?!?! What do I do while I’m sitting through this? I find Dr. Laura on social media. I find her mentioned on a Cochlear website, I find her last name, and then I find her Linkedin page.



I start playing a game with myself where I’m wanting to predict her salary. As we walk out, I say to my wife ,”Look for the most expensive car in the parking lot.”

BMW Series 8 Car with IDrive. Yep. I find it and then I’m thinking her salary is more 500k-600k a year.

Cochlear has a good gig. They know their products are covered by insurance and that the upgrades in processors are covered under insurance every five years. Can you imagine if Apple had their IPhone’s covered by insurance? How much would their sales increase?

Different Note…

Dave Bautista from Guardians of the Galaxy talks about what it’s like working with Robert Downey Jr on Avengers: Infinity War.

Health Care

Isn’t this shameful? This just shows you how incompetent our Congressional Leaders are. I personally think it’s a good thing. You can’t go from giving people something to taking it all away. Playing politics with people’s health care is NEVER good. But what happened with Donald Trump’s ability to negotiate this big deals and all of that. So far everything has been just along party lines. When will he realize that he’s the President for ALL people. That means at times you do things that are against what your direct party stands for and what is best for the many. If you know that Obamacare is going to cause many problems for Americans – so of which did vote for you – you have an obligation to HELP them. You can’t just keep playing politics with their health care. David Gergen says it best below:

Uber Allows and Encourages Tips

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 5.11.29 PM

Uber tomorrow is going to match every tip given to drivers. Now, this has to be an in-app tip. Not give the driver $5 and Uber matches it.

I’ve called for Uber to allow this for the longest time. Their CEO was against this and boom – he was asked to leave the board of his own company for basically not listening to what the users wanted. Also – the company was found to have rampant sexual harassment claims that were ignored by management. Enter tips and Uber finally has some good PR.

Good on you Uber!

Happy Saturday Everyone

Star Wars Footage Released

It looks solid and I’m excited to see the direction that they’re headed. We need a new direction so that we have new possibilities for future movies.

Golf Today


Golf Today.


The round. Argh! It could have been better. My ball striking just seems a bit off. Also with my wrist feeling a bit out of whack – not painful – but something isn’t quite right. I’m hitting every shot almost 5-10 yards less than I usually am. Only near the end of the round today was I actually hitting my distances.

My buddy Doug, however, did play well.

Dan Patrick Passes on Katy Perry Video

Oh Dan. Oh Dan. What you thinking buddy? Opportunities like this don’t come along very often.



Happy Thursday

Golf Yesterday

Our typical Wednesday morning tee time. It was a bit of an odd one as it consisted of myself and Eric playing from the back tees and three others playing from our white tees. Definitely, quite a bit of fun was had. I played on a scale of 1-10 – probably about a 7.5.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 6.36.03 AM

I still can’t believe I missed that shortish putt on 18 for a 78. Oh well. Definitely more putting practice is needed.

Donald Jr.

Are you following all this hoopla with Donald Jr and now there is more evidence to say that he did collude with the Russians now.

Charles Krauthammer on Fox had it spot on.

Brandel Chamblee on Dan Patrick

Always a good interview.

Casey Neistat in Italy

I quite enjoyed this video. He always does such a good job life blogging.

Cubs lose in a big way, Donald Trump Jr admits to meeting, and IPhone 8 News


How about that Cubs game? Losing 14-3 much to do with the first inning. The wheels have completely fallen off. I think between Dexter Fowler, Chapman, hitters that were regulars last year, and the pitchers of last years – just not producing – you have the nightmare the Cubs fans are now living. It has definitely been a rough season. That’s being kind.

Now the only highlight of the game. The Cubs sent outfielder Jon Jay to the mound in the 9th. He threw a blazing 56 mph with his curveballs at a speed of 46 mph.

Presidential News

‘impenetrable’ and you want it co-designed with the very people that we think are the lead culprits to trying to hack our election? Also – anyway that knows anything – software is written by people. People are flawed in thinking and design. So there will always be FLAWS that people use for hacks. So the word impenetrable is just plain silly.


Donald Trump Jr – has now confirmed that he took a meeting with a lawyer from the Russia that claimed to have dirt on Hillary Clinton. So the story keeps on changing. Trump originally said that he had no knowledge of anyone meeting with Russia. Are you this out of touch with your own son that he wouldn’t tell you that he’s heading to Russia to get dirt on Hillary Clinton? Ok lets even give him a pass for that. What was gained? Where’s the dirt that was used? What was the scathing information that the American public went ,”oh my….”? Didn’t happen. I’m smelling bullcrapola.

The White House sent out KellyAnne to try and do damage control.

IPhone 8

The big item to be included with it – wireless charging. Strong sources are saying that it might not come with the phone at launch.

Today’s Laughs. Golf. Some Gifs.

Today’s laughs

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If that doesn’t make you laugh. I’m not sure what will. Or maybe you’ve been living with your head in the sand.

I found this funny gif that I just find hilarious.


It’s perfect for when you have to tell someone to chill out.

Epic Hybrid

Mark Crossfield did this great review of the Epic Hybrid. I agree on a lot of what he said at one point in the video – what more do I need out of a hybrid? I don’t need it to go further. I need it to hit the distance that I’m expecting and not create an unnecessary gap in my clubs.

Hanging out with Doug and Jenn

Good to see our friends Doug and Jenn tonight. They’re doing wonderfully with their newborn. Yes – it’s the toughest job of your life and you’re doing just fine. When the child is two you’ll look back on this time and hardly remember how tough it was. Anyway – Bravo and you’re both doing well.


Golf Yesterday.

We’re starting to play slightly earlier due to battling the heat. Boy does it get hot. But I walked yesterday in 95 degrees the last two hours and finished with a 79 on the blue tees from 6500 yards. Definitely a lot that I’m still working on.