Running Again and What I’m Watching

Day one and back to running. I tried very much not to overdue it out of the gate. I ran for about four consecutive months and then life got in the way. Isn’t that always the case? Finally no excuses. I decided my 39th year, the last before I turn 40, is going to be my best yet. It’s going to be the one where I reset my goals and put the train back on the track.


What am I watching? I’m two episodes into Bloodline so far. It’s kind of an odd show that I’m trying to wrap my head around. Netflix seems to be pumping out some good content of late. I dare say almost better than network television. Two episodes in and I very much like the character detail that we’re getting. I’ve heard good things about season two as well. So we’ll see if it stays in my que.



On another note – it looks like season three is up in the air and they may not the green-light it. At least according to this.

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