SDCC Not Just For Geeks

I’ve been at San Diego Comic-Con for now nearly six years. Going every year to enjoy the festivities¬†over and over. But an interesting discussion that I had today about whether the All-Star Game of MLB would make more revenue for the city than San Diego-Comic-Con.

Tommy with actor Adam Baldwin

My initial feeling is not. While the all-star game is huge, SDCC is really five nights of happenings in the convention center. But what has exploded in the last four years is all of the night life. Now every major hotel has a sponsor and night-life parties with certain celebrities going to each event. Loud music, liquor, and dancing until the wee hours of the morning. I think the first to realize this huge untapped market was definitely the NerdHQ. Nerds or Geeks whichever you prefer now no longer have to go hang out in small circles. We hang out in large venues and have drinks/dance with friends. Sure it may not look the most elegant¬†but we’re comfortable in our skin because we’re surrounded by people of like interests. Four hard nights of parties going until 3-4 am every single night with people waking up for the next day’s events at the convention center by 10 am.

Some Playboy models look at the geek party

Another year of hanging out with my own. Talking our love of movies, culture, photography, cosplay, comics, and yes quite a few golfers. Bring it on. Some interesting numbers about San Diego Comic-Con can be found here.

Below is a funny video that highlights just the cosplay aspect of San Diego – Comic-Con.


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