Phil Mickelson British Open

Each time I see Phil in contention, I feel like it might be the last chance to watch something special. Probably due to the fact that I’ve had several experiences with him where he has been nothing but a class act. Also it helps that he was one of the top two golfers that I always cheered for. I’ll leave the other one for a future blog post.

Phil-Mickelson-63-TroonI’d have loved to have seen him shoot the 62. Would have definitely been one of the ages. At Torrey Pines each year, if he’s not in contention, on some of the longer hole he’ll walk down the sides and sign autographs in the middle of the round. He knows how popular he is at the end and just wants all fans to get something they want.

Second experience I’ve heard, My neighbor at my old house was an elementary school teacher in the area. He told this story that Phil used to sponsor some schools and get the kids all of their back to school supplies. They’d open an OfficeMax and Phil would be there are 5 am and just have all the kids get all the school supplies that they need. Then just drop the bill on Phil at the end. That is the ultimate in generosity.

Below is the putt that just barely lipped out for the 62

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