Facebook and Politics. I’ll Pass

1936687_1185722398105979_6276226539478948464_nI see a lot of things I disagree with on social media. It’s hard to keep our personal beliefs to ourselves when we see things online that we take issue with. One thing that comes to mind frequently is the subject of politics on Facebook.

I used to engage in political discussions with people on social media. I enjoyed debating people, and still do, provided there is mutual respect. I’ve always thought that you never learn anything from people that you agree with. However, I’ve stopped. Every now and then I’ll see a regurgitation of official government something or a meme that is going around with and I’ll be tempted to throw in my two cents. Lately, I come to my senses and use some self control. So why did I stop? There are several reasons but I’ll share my top.

  1. It’s a waste of time. Life is short and precious. Time is the most valuable item you have. Not to state the obvious, but none of us know how much we have. No point in wasting hours in a back and forth debate, just to have the other party change the subject or to ignore my comment entirely.
  2. You end up losing respect for people. Respect is a two-edged sword. Several people have lost respect for me as I’ve been a bit forceful with my views. It’s my own fault, though. When you start throwing around specific words that people may take offense to, you get a backlash and you’ve brought it upon yourself.
  3. Good arguments need a better format. We live in an age of sound bites and five second responses. We have political pundits on television programs where they have to answer problems/give answers in thirty seconds. Good arguments deserve better than that.
  4. Let your vote be your voice.
  5. There’s enough politics in the media. I use Facebook to laugh, have fun, and to converse and keep up with family and friends. It shouldn’t be used to get worked up or stressed out over something you happen to disagree with.


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