Golf Thoughts

I’ve been building this up for a little while. People that casually cheat or misrepresent their scores. It seems almost everyone wants to be better than they actually should be. I get that. I get the ‘want’ to be better. The problem is the cheating or misrepresenting to do it.

People that throw down another ball and give me the “Don’t count that…” I usually just roll my eyes. Then when done and they tell me ,”I shot a nice 84.” In my head I say to myself ,”On how many balls?”

Golf is a game of rules. You follow the rules. It’s not that hard. You follow the rules and count how many strokes you’ve taken and then you score that. Hey I’d like to birdie tons of holes like Mr. 58 but it’s not within my potential.

“Give me a 6”

I roll my eyes as soon as I hear the ‘Give me’. I want to say each time ,”What did you actually have then?” I understand that it’s a figure of speech.

“I’ll take it”

Is there another option? You did strike the ball right? I believe so. So yes ofcourse you’ll be taking it.

Who really cares if you have an eight or a twelve as long as you’re honest about it. But when you disclaim it I think you’re missing the point of the honesty in the game.

Tournament scores sometimes baffle me. I look at the scores and the scores below their handicaps and it just blows my mind. It’s one thing if I see someone play well on a rare occasion, but when it happens all the time and especially within two day tournaments, I’m exceptionally baffled.


Disclaimer: No this isn’t centered towards my golf groups but things I’ve noticed in general.

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