Apple Predictions

My early Apple predictions before today’s event.

  • IPhone 7 will be launched with orders in about a week. If you’re interested in making your price cheaper, use Gazelle and lock in the price you can get for your existing phone.
  • IPhone 6s / Plus may become more valuable especially if they indeed get rid of the audio jack.
  • I think Apple will get rid of the headphone jack. My opinion – it solves a problem that didn’t need solving.
  • Apple is going to need to spend considerable time explaining why they’re doing it or Apple may have their first significant flop on their hands.
  • Biggest drawback to wireless – the audio codecs used don’t play well with the current Bluetooth spec. I expect to see Apple do their own thing and maybe create their own spin-off of the current Bluetooth spec.
  • I think we’ll see new IPads today. It should support the touch screen activations that are available in the current IPhone’s (IPhone 6s).
  • I think we’ll also see a new Apple Watch today with GPS.
  • I think we’ll get dates for IOS 10 and Mac OS today. Both pieces of software coming along nicely. I’ve been running the beta of IOS 10 for about a month and it’s gotten more and more stable.
  • I think we’ll perhaps see some higher end beats headphones.

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