After Apple Event Thoughts

In case you didn’t see it yesterday. Here it is summed up in ten minutes.

Anyone remember the IPhone 3G that was pure black and used to scratch easily and show all of those scratches. Yep! It’s back and they’re (Apple) is saying that you definitely need a case should you go ‘Jet Black’ and that it is sensitive to scratching.

I’m most intrigued by the IPhone 7 Plus as it actually has two cameras. One for wide angle and one for more ‘zoomed’ telephoto photos. In the past when you’ve ‘zoomed’ it does it all in software digitally. It’s more of a software cheap way of zooming in on photos – think of it as just cropping in. When you do it thru hardware there is no loss in image quality.

I’m excited about the new Apple Watch. Finally it’s waterproof. A screen and power boost. But perhaps the most significant part – finally GPS is added.


Kind of on a funny note to me. Apple finally realized the idiocy of the Apple Watch Edition. Whatever that gold version of it is called. That was a disaster and I thought from the announcement that it didn’t suit the type of company that Apple is. You’re not Rolex – you’re a tech titan. Act like it. So they finally cut it entirely from the line. Smart move. Long overdue.


Back to the IPhone 7.

Apple did take the big step in getting rid of the headphone port. Not a big deal to me but if you did just drop $500 on a new set of headphones that doesn’t do wireless and you’re not keen on carrying around an adapter – then you’ll really prefer the IPhone 6s.

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