Golf Today

For whatever reason I didn't ireally didn't have it today.  I could've played a lot better but it just wasn't in the cards.  A lot of silly errors today.  I think what killed me most was two three parts on the front  and one on the back.   I also failed to get up and down several … Continue reading Golf Today

Excellent Saturday

I'm going to start and try life blogging. Not every day mind you but some of the days. Today was an excellent day for golf. Nice and cool in the mid-70s. The format was three best-balls of the four in the group. It's a good format as it allows if someone has a bad hole … Continue reading Excellent Saturday

Brandel Chamblee on Tiger Woods

Very good interview with Brandel Chamblee of Golf Channel talking with Dan Patrick about Tiger Woods and the many reasons he decided not to play at the current time. My take: I think he saw items in his game that were big holes. Some major weaknesses. Thus he wanted to devote some time to them. … Continue reading Brandel Chamblee on Tiger Woods