Excellent Saturday

I’m going to start and try life blogging. Not every day mind you but some of the days.

Today was an excellent day for golf. Nice and cool in the mid-70s. The format was three best-balls of the four in the group. It’s a good format as it allows if someone has a bad hole that you don’t entirely screw the entire team. The problem with us was our entire team seemed to have two-three that would have bad holes on several holes.

Myself – argh. The game wasn’t firing on all cylinders. I did have two or three what I call ‘Incredipars’. That is when you’re out of place – have to punch out or you miss a green – and you get up and down for par. Two of those ‘Incredipars’ were from 120 yards.

I had my first “8” on a hole in a long time. Ironically also on #8 today. I’m glad it doesn’t happen often as it definitely is deflating but I followed it up with one of my ‘Incredipars’. My eight when I should have just gone for circle a ( #Madsengolf) and just gotten my easy bogey or made another ‘Incredidpar’.

Cubs pulled out a hell of a game with the Dodgers. What a victory. Grand slam in the 8th to pull ahead for good. I hope this is the year for the Cubbies but to me it was the excellent play of Dexter Fowler.

Of course, there was the stealing of home. An extreme rarity in baseball let alone in the post season.

I went to a golf buddies birthday celebration. Pete Shepherd turned 69. I’ve always had a view of enjoy people while they’re around. You never know how long that will be.

Left the birthday shin-dig and immediately we tried to find a bar to watch the end of the Cubs game. What a game ending. I love that my wife is starting to find the enjoyment of being a Cubs fan. Though she hasn’t had the near thirty years of Cubs losses to build on – like I have. I’m extremely lucky to have this woman in my life.

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Watching the Cubs close hopefully. #GoCubs #flythew

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