Golf Today

For whatever reason I didn’t ireally didn’t have it today.  I could’ve played a lot better but it just wasn’t in the cards.  A lot of silly errors today.  I think what killed me most was two three parts on the front  and one on the back.   I also failed to get up and down several times today.  In fact, while I’m looking at the stats, I realize I didn’t get up and down a single time.

Good news. I wasn’t quite like Henrick Stenson. I’ve never launched a club though I have to admit I do actually use some foul language. I definitely need to work on that.

Chicago Cubs are on so it’s baseball time.


Back from it all. What a game. Cubs managed to pull off a what could have been a close one. Jake threw a flawless near 6 innings. Cubs managed to score mostly off walks. Well done. Off to Chicago we go. I’m quite enjoying how much of a Cubs fan my wife has turned into.


Have you seen James Franco’s official endorsement of Hillary Clinton? If you haven’t – it’ll crack you up.

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