My Responses to some Donald Tweets

Dear Donald, It's very unpresidential to just make claims of millions of votes in voter fraud but to make that claim with no evidence. It makes you look ridiculous. You don't just get to make these accusations and think that whatever you say will be the truth. Sorry! It doesn't work that way. … Continue reading My Responses to some Donald Tweets

Post Thanksgiving, Top Golf, Karaoke, and Back Home

Woke up in the morning to another excellent breakfast by Sharon McKinney. Thanks for all the breakfasts. It's a rarity that I find someone that is usually up when I get up in the morning. But each morning I'd walk in and see Sharon and Mike awake and ready for some light morning conversation. Two … Continue reading Post Thanksgiving, Top Golf, Karaoke, and Back Home

Thanksgiving and Day After

Thanksgiving was the usual insane goodness. Friends, joking, laughter, and some beers being broken on Jimmy's head. This isn't a tradition but maybe it might become one. Who knows?!? Started the day off with Sharon making some excellent breakfast for everybody. Then it was time to get the day drinking  started. I had originally said … Continue reading Thanksgiving and Day After

Yesterday’s and Today

Yesterday I sat thru the movie 'Trolls' with my daughter. I had about four naps during it to which my daughter had zero. She definitely loved the movie. Not bad but I just don't do well with sing-a-longs. So happy to see her starting to get excited about Christmas. Golf. I had planned since … Continue reading Yesterday’s and Today

One of These Isn’t Like the Other

Could it be just a case of Trump taking credit for something he had nothing to do with?   Thanks for the original post from @shauna on Twitter. Of course we shouldn't forget the comedy bit of it.  

Goliath Amazon Show

I'm quite enjoying this show. Billy Bob Thornton is excellent and might be one of his best pieces of work. Maybe next to Bad Santa. It's about time we've had a very well done legal drama. Thanks to F-bombs and free reign of creativity, a show can shine like this on Amazon Video. Below is … Continue reading Goliath Amazon Show

Facebook Election Issues

I took sometime this election cycle to try something different. I liked every single Republican candidate and then as they got weaned down - I liked just Trump and then liked three strong conservative feeds. Mark Larson, Rush Limbaugh, and Conservatives for America along with Donald Trump. Then I followed Hillary, Bernie, and three strong … Continue reading Facebook Election Issues