Cubs Win World Series

I woke up this morning and I still can’t believe it. I’ve been a Cubs fan since I was in elementary school. Growing up in the Chicagoland, I kind of had my choice of teams in the White Sox or the Cubs. My first actual game was to the old Comiskey Park to see the White Sox and Carlton Fisk. But I never felt an attachment or for that matter a care for the team. I grew to like some of the players like Ozzie Guillen, Robin Ventura, Frank Thomas, and Bo Jackson. But then I went to my first Cubs game and it was more my style. Maybe it was the feeling of being an underdog. I’d like to say it was sweet sweet feeling of Wrigley Field. But I definitely fell in love with baseball and being a Cubs fan.

I saw good Cubs players come and go throughout the years. Ryne Sandberg, Greg Maddux, Mark Grace, Jerome Walton, Andrea Dawson,  – yes I on purpose am leaving out Sammy Sosa.

The game was nerve wracking to watch. My Facebook Chicago fans that I grew up with kept me confident but I had a buddy that I golf that was being the eternal pessimist.

“Madden will be fried forever”

Nope I kept thinking to myself. I’m happy with the season. I’m happy even if we lose tonight. Everything else is just extra. Boy is that World Series extra.

I still can’t believe it. So well deserved for a city that deserves it.

I’m a believer in good things happening together. Ironically yesterday I won my first tournament playing in the A-flight. I had tied for first on one in the B-flight but this was my first solo win.


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