Comey and his Big Mistakes

Comey did Donald Trump a massive solid with that letter 11 days before the election. There was no reason whatsoever to have made the information public. None. He should have followed Justice Dept protocol and waited until after the election. He did not have the right to insert his moral rectitude into partisan politics. Sorry, Comey, that’s not in your job description. He should have stuck with the FBI’s ‘No Comment’ on ANY investigations.

The only person hurt here is Clinton. Many early swing voters were likely negatively impacted against Clinton. The Trump propaganda machine seized on Comey’s letter, slavered and foamed, spinning Comey’s vague language into evidence of wrongdoing– the smoking gun proving Clinton’s “corruption” that the nutty conspiracists were sure existed. Calls for indictment, impeachment– oh, they were off to the races. Honestly, how dare Director Comey do this? What about all of those voters that his letter to Congress did impact their vote? Can they have their votes back? Nope. You impacted this election.

Comey exercised astonishingly poor judgment. Put bluntly, Comey directly helped a presidential candidate increase his chances of winning. It is not credible that Comey did not know this in advance. I believe he did. Regardless, he abused his power and impugned the integrity of the FBI.

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