Van Jones on Whitelash

It definitely was a tough night and will be a tough four years to get thru. But we have to be strong and in four years voice with our vote that we won't let something like this ever happen again. Below Van Jones talks about his Whitelash comments on CNN to give further clarification … Continue reading Van Jones on Whitelash

Thursday Energy Drink Thoughts

So I'm sitting here and still trying to gather myself from the election. People that I expected to be glub... have been glub. I think that's the part that makes me use the 'grow up card.' This election has been more divisive than I've ever seen the nation. Why? I blame some of it on … Continue reading Thursday Energy Drink Thoughts

Happy Birthday Marines

Every Nov. 10 is a holiday for Marines, even years after being discharged or retiring. It’s in my blood. The birth of America’s elite fighting force is traditionally marked with a formal ball and a cake-cutting ceremony, and a whole lot of revelry. We're Marines, we party hard.  The first ball was held in 1925 … Continue reading Happy Birthday Marines