Thursday Energy Drink Thoughts

So I’m sitting here and still trying to gather myself from the election. People that I expected to be glub… have been glub. I think that’s the part that makes me use the ‘grow up card.’

This election has been more divisive than I’ve ever seen the nation. Why? I blame some of it on social networking and some of it on the manner in which people conduct themselves. I made a decision this year that I wasn’t going to take part in any social sharing of the election on my Facebook page. None. No opinions. No debate commentary. No meme’s. Nothing. I went and voted and then looked at the elections.

These protests. While I get that you’re not happy with the results, you need to carry youselves better and move on. Fight the next battle.

I’ve found myself sometimes commentating on others posts – people being smug, sarcastic, or glub – and then I pull myself back and delete the comment. Not because I’m wrong or I regret the comment. But because it doesn’t make a difference. People don’t take what you take seriously on Facebook. There isn’t listening.


I was at Starbucks the other day and we were having a discussion about Trump. I was amazed (shocked) at the big difference between us was we were using completely different data sets. I usually look for centrist organizations which this gentleman was more than happy to show me Conservative News Outlets data points.

This sums up my feelings very well.

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