Golf Yesterday

What used to be a regular occurrence during the summers and winter break is a rarity during the school season. Why? Life happens. People have families (damn them) and they want to enjoy their families. So I enjoy it when I can Keith McKee and Doug Babington together for golf. Wallah! Veterans day approaches and it was the perfect opportunity.

A quick shot before we teed off in the morning. The day began with Keith saying that he couldn’t see that far away. So I’d make several jokes ,”Oh there is a lake there. Didn’t you know? Yeah that’s in the lake.”

Several holes later I kept making more jokes with ,”Oh that was out of bounds sir.” My jokes fell on deaf ears as it was definitely not the day for Keith. He just wasn’t having his A game or for that matter his B game. Ball striking just wasn’t there as he left six or seven approach shots either wide right or twenty yards short of the greens.

Doug Babington was his usual self. Crushing some drives. A couple of holes taking him completely out of a really good score. It’s there Doug – just keep working on course management and I know you’ll get there.


Myself. I had a mediocre 81 but it easily could have been a 78 or 76. I had a four putt on one hole where the downslope completely fooled me and I was way too aggressive. Hit some greens in regulation and then stupidly would three putt. It was one of those kinds of days.

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Short video from the round that Bob Madsen took of me during the round. Ignore what he said during the end of the video. Que Spaceballs for my thoughts.

Good round of golf all and all.

I’ve been testing the video of the IPhone 7 Plus and took some video during yesterday’s round. Until next time gentleman.

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