Facebook Election Issues

I took sometime this election cycle to try something different. I liked every single Republican candidate and then as they got weaned down – I liked just Trump and then liked three strong conservative feeds. Mark Larson, Rush Limbaugh, and Conservatives for America along with Donald Trump.

Then I followed Hillary, Bernie, and three strong Liberal feeds.

If the feed pushed an article that was informative and not a hate meme – I liked the post regardless of if I agreed with it. My whole purpose was to engage and train my Facebook feed.

Problems I ran into. Before long I had a feed of just hate memes coming from both sides. No talking of policy. Just pure hate. I was getting that from both sides coming at me because I subscribed (liked) all of these feeds. But I wanted to have a feed that did something other than re-enforce what my existing opinions already were. When I did a search near election day, I have nine people in my feed that publicly followed both of the candidates.


I was curious what my wife’s feed was like. She’s always been a conservative so I was interested to see how her feed that hadn’t been altered like mine – what it would look like. As I looked at it. It was a lot of ‘Hillary is evil’, ‘Hillary is the devil’, ‘Hillary is corrupt’ and about 70% of the feed was all negative memes. No talk of policy or how things will be different.

I think what I learned Facebook does nothing to get you ‘outside’ of your existing thought bubble. All it does is reinforce what you already think. People see so much negativity all day in their feeds during this election cycle that when they see someone sprout a different opinion, all they do is pounce and not take a second to even consider it. Now that the election is overwith, I can return to my normal stance of non-commenting as I firmly believe that the social network isn’t conducive to discussion.  The bottom graphic sums it up well.

This post seems rather jumbled together. For that I’m apologizing in advance.


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