Yesterday’s and Today

Yesterday I sat thru the movie ‘Trolls’ with my daughter. I had about four naps during it to which my daughter had zero. She definitely loved the movie. Not bad but I just don’t do well with sing-a-longs. So happy to see her starting to get excited about Christmas.

Golf. I had planned since last Thursday to get a golf game today for today. I made the tee time. Then the weather forecast started to pop up and there were 70% – 50% chances of rain. The moment there was a chance of rain, the people that I thought would puss out ended up doing just that. Another person surprised me by not. People freak out when they think of the slightest chance of rain. Do you melt? No. Does golf stop in a tournament with rain and no lightning? Rarely. You play on. Getting those opportunities to train in those type of environments are rare. I view the same thing with wind. I welcome and want those challenges and those days. I don’t want to hear “I really don’t like playing in the rain.” Nobody does! But suck it up.

I appreciate my golf friends that are hardcore and push me. Like I’m going to quote my buddy Keith below:

“If you hadn’t been here today, I’d have been golfing by myself”

That’s the kind of attitude that my golf game needs.


Sycuan Willow Golf Course – Shot with an IPhone 7 Plus. Edited in Adobe Lightroom



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