Thanksgiving and Day After

Thanksgiving was the usual insane goodness. Friends, joking, laughter, and some beers being broken on Jimmy’s head. This isn’t a tradition but maybe it might become one. Who knows?!?

Started the day off with Sharon making some excellent breakfast for everybody. Then it was time to get the day drinking  started. I had originally said I wasn’t going to do any hard alcohol….well that only lasted about about two hours before the Irish Car bombs were out.

Lauren and Kaitlyn

It’s nice to have Lauren here for the holidays. The last two she has been in Europe/Overseas and it’s always difficult on my wife having part of her family away. I’m always glad when my wife is happy to have her family united. I imagine she’ll be even more excited when Christmas rolls around and hopefully she has all of her kids together.

Below is a nice fun video of our arrival and Jimmy joking with Lauren about how she can’t survive on no-alcohol for three days.

Ok back to Thanksgiving. After eating such a wonderful Turkey, stuffing, and just about everything you can think of I was feeling very thankful for having everyone around. I was just having a sentimental moment at one point and was just having a flood of emotions coming over me with thoughts of my daughter, mom, dad, and Thanksgivings past. This was bound to happen sooner or later with me – I expected it. Then my wife snuck up on me and it was photo time. So hence the look below.


Thank you Sharon and Mike for putting on such an excellent Thanksgiving and making it always enjoyable.


Onto Black Friday.

Jimmy was wanting to get a set of golf clubs. I have an old set that I was trying to get rid of so I offered to ship him mine. I’m more than happy to help get anyone started into golf. So we went to a store called ‘2nd Swing Golf’ and picked him up a used driver, 3 wood, hybrid, and putter. He’s all set and from the sounds of it he has a friend that is a top-semi-professional at ASU and is kind of taking him under his wing and giving him some lessons. Maybe the next time Jimmy is out here – I’ll introduce him to my instructor Bob Madsen and he can have a playing lesson with Jimmy.

Then off to lunch for a few beers. I had never been to this place called ‘Twin Peaks’. I guess one of the owners-sons of Hooters wasn’t happy with the way the ladies were treated so he decided to go off and make his own restaurant. Still the same scantily clad ladies but a much better restaurant as a whole.


Lets just say I definitely enjoyed the beer.

Today we’re off to TopGolf. Which I’ve never been to so this will be interesting. I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving. I’m very thankful that I get to spend these holidays with my lovely wife.


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