Post Thanksgiving, Top Golf, Karaoke, and Back Home

Woke up in the morning to another excellent breakfast by Sharon McKinney. Thanks for all the breakfasts. It’s a rarity that I find someone that is usually up when I get up in the morning. But each morning I’d walk in and see Sharon and Mike awake and ready for some light morning conversation. Two hours later we went to Top Golf.

Top Golf was quite the experience. It’s more about a golfing game then an actual driving range. Some moderately serious flight restricted balls and you’re definitely not feeling the same as you would on a normal golf course. It’s a bit odd that they won’t allow you to use your own fairway woods but irons they will. My guess is there is something to the woods they provide – flight restricted woods. I didn’t get a chance to try it at night but it looks like fun just like it was during the day. Our group partook in food, beer, and about two hours of golf. Then we hung out a bit in an entertainment room of sorts. Lots of fun with Xbox’s loaded with games for just about any age range. Glad to see Jimmy (pictured below) taking up golf.

The Boys before we started at Top Golf

After Top Golf we went home and watched some of the Ohio State and Michigan game. Go Buckeyes! Jim Harbaugh needs to suck it up and stop being so whiney.

If he had controlled himself better he wouldn’t have given the Buckeyes prime scoring circumstances with his “Unsportsmanlike Conduct” as seen below.

Then it was time for the evening to take off. We were out celebrating Lauren’s Masters Degree from the University of College London. What an achievement! Hard working pays off.

img_8763We had an excellent dinner at an Italian Restaurant at Tommy V’s which the owner heard Lauren was celebrating and gave us a free bottle of champaign. In actuality, our waitress must have told the owner that not all of our food came out at the same time and it’s the sign of a good restaurant that the owner cares about the customer experience. Also I’ve realized that I’ve quite taken to the ‘Rum and Coke’

Then we headed out to a nice Mexican place which for the life of me I cannot remember the name of. Whole group photo below. What a fun group.

Whole fun group. Man I need to diet.

Next up was some Karaoke. A little about me. I can’t stand Karaoke. Mainly because I’m constantly judging it compared to the original. I used to go a very upscale bar in NYC where occasionally you’d get some excellent singers that gave the originals a run for their money. This wasn’t happening tonight. But seeing friends and family – friends that I consider family – doing it with such a fun zest made it barable. And on a side note, if I didn’t have to drive for five hours the next morning I’d probably have been drinking more and hence enjoy more of it. So if I looked like a stick in the mudd – I actually was a stick in the mudd. HaHa

Here’s Lauren and Casey singing and also notice the hilarious guy that shows up mid-way thru the video.


Drive home went smoothly. Five hours and hit hardly any traffic. First time ever driving an Infinity QX80. Big car. But a very smooth drive.

Rogue One Tickets just went on sale. Not quite the high demand that Episode 7: Force Awakens had. Still managed to snag a pair of them for my step-son and I.


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