Tiger Returns and More


So yesterday was the big day in the golfing world. Tiger Woods return to golf after about a year and a half exile or maybe a better word is a self-imposed sabbatical. His golf game looked solid with only some cracks showing on the back nine. I think all in all you could declare  a giant step for him and starting to play some good golf again.

My wife and I decided to go out for dinner last night to BJ’s. We were celebrating the birth of my wife’s son, Brian, who only had one day on earth. I can’t imagine what that experience is like or to have lost a child like that. To say that it was an emotional day for my wife yesterday is probably an understatement.

So my stepdaughter, Lauren, is off to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to visit some friends. I had a good laugh this morning when I looked at the weather and saw that it was only gonna be a high of 41°. I really love living in the city of San Diego.

Christmas is upon us and my neighborhood has gone a little bit crazy with all the light shows on all of the houses. I guess the thing this year, is the laser light shows on all of the houses. I think we’ve gone a little overboard. I’ve been really struggling this year trying to get my wife to realize what the meaning of Christmas is and to try to be a little bit more joyous. She’s coming around.

So back to golf, I wonder who will win first Phil Mickelson or Tiger Woods.? We’re talking about two of the best players to ever play the game. I’m off today to play some golf with one of my good friends Doug. Tomorrow I got a full golf game with friends Keith, Paul, Gary, and Pete. It’ll definitely be a good time.

I got out last Wednesday for a very scrappy 79. Three birdies and three doubles. Very scrappy indeed. My buddy Pete is going thru a rough patch. Stick with it Pete. You’ll come thru on the other side. Perhaps some lessons?! Also maybe sometimes play it safe rather than always going for it. Going for it tends to bring the higher scores into play. Just my two cents.

Below I am posting a video of some Donald Trump supporters. I can’t believe how completely uninformed they are. Bangs head on desk. I know this is a small portion of his supporters but cmon people. Get with it.

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