Powerbeats 3, Golf, and More

I started the morning knowing that I had a 6:51 tee time looming. Argh! Too early. Yesterday was a tough day as I kept on thinking of my mother. Thirteen years ago, I said goodbye and I wish I could say it got easier. It hasn’t. Some days it hits me so vividly in my mind and the heart of my heart comes right back. I think that’s why it bothers me, to some extent, when I see my step-kids talk to their mother in a disrespectful manner. They don’t realize how lucky they are to have their mother around today. They can talk and enjoy moments with her. My time is done with that and all I have is just memories. I so wish I had taken more advantage of things and talked more with her. Value people – for you never know when they’ll be gone.

Back to the golf course. I arrived this morning at 6:15 AM ready to warm up and get ready. Nope. Frost delay until 7:45 am. Time for a cup of joe and to wake my butt up more. Some golf with Gary, Keith, and Paul and a good time was had. Didn’t play horrible but didn’t play great either. Too many loose irons and my chipping was horrible. I don’t think I got one ball up and down. Definitely need to work on that. Side note: Sycuan is looking in amazing condition.

Headphones. I use them a lot. So I try a lot of headphones out. I use pairs for the gym and pairs for when I am just listening at home. But the “On the Move” headphones are of most value to me. My two favorite pairs are the Beats Powerbeats 3 and the Bose Soundsport.


Both are Bluetooth only and work wonderfully with the IPhone 7. My only slight knock on the Bose Soundsport and sometimes why I prefer the Powerbeats 3 is Powerbeats have a hook behind them to keep them from sliding out while you run.


I do really like the quick charge option of the headphones. One hour after 5 minutes – you’re not going to beat that.

We’re heading to my friend Terri’s tonight for drinks and dinner. It should be a fun time. Especially as they have my favorite beer ‘Willy Vanilly’.

Lauren is enjoying Pittsburgh. Happy to see that she is. I’ve only been there once and I just remember thinking that I enjoyed Ohio and New York much better.

Well I’m getting the stink-eye from my wife which means that it’s time to get my act together and start getting ready for the evening. Signing off for now…

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