Westworld Finale. Tiger Woods.

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So this weekend was the big Westworld finale that everybody had been waiting for. I think on some level it was a bit disappointing as I expected a lot more. Think that’s part of the problem with today’s Internet revolution is it’s hard to surprise people. I’ll delve more into that in what I label spoilers below.

Christmas is inching closer and closer and we had my stepson, Tommy, over for dinner last night. Discussing his plans for moving home over Christmas break. Which really meant he just needed someone to help him move his stuff.  Nothing surprising there.

I tried to get my wife and go and see the movie Allied but we just got busy with other things yesterday and one thing led to another and it didn’t end up happening. Very good movie  and I highly recommend seeing it as I was just wanting to see it again.

Tiger Woods competed and actually finished the four-day tournament. Definitely an improvement for him and nice to see him swinging with some authority again. Golf game needs this but let’s not forget they were in very capable hands for the 2 1/2 years that he was out. Our young guns really stepped up and carried the game.

I’m headed to the gym in a little bit and I’m going to thoroughly test out the Powerbeats  Wireless again.  Definitely one of my favorite sets of headphones right now.

Now the Westworld Finale. Kind of some jumbled thoughts right now.

*** Spoilers Below***


It seems Ford’s final narrative was to set the hosts free. I actually subscribe to the “Ford is a host” theory. I believe it’ll make it very interesting for the fans to find out that Ford is still alive and that he is a host that was programmed by Arnold a long time ago. But is a special kind of host.  I have a feeling that just like Bernard doesn’t know he’s a host, neither does Ford. He runs Westworld as a host, carrying out Arnold’s final vision. Arnold was okay letting Dolores kill him, not only because he believed it would bring about her consciousness, but because he also knew that Ford could carry things forward in his absence. So perhaps, just maybe, for it is a really dead. At least that is my theory.

In this finale,  I feel like major questions weren’t answered. I feel like the show arrived with unbeatable expectations that it was going to be the next Game of Thrones. My major issue with the show was the pace at which it moved. The first few episodes laid out this expansive universe and planted seeds of plot all over the damn place, only to annoy us when they weren’t sprouting fast enough. I felt like some of the characters were vastly underdeveloped. Teddy, for example.  I felt like we’re waiting for a big uprising and we got about 90 seconds of it. Then it was over. I understand there is a lot of persistent foreshadowing because of the movie and the 1973 film but I felt like it was overdone.


That’s not to say that Sunday’s finale wasn’t thrilling. When it wasn’t painfully confusing – like when two characters were analyzing a Michelangelo painting – I felt like there were some great twists that were added but never explored. Example, Samurai World.


The series is definitely a feat in editing.  If I’m being honest, I really couldn’t have given a shit about the maze.

Some questions I had.

What did DELOS want with the host codes that they were trying to smuggle out of the park? Was it Dr. Ford’s plan all along to launch this uprising? Where the hell is this theme park and what year is it?

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