Pearl Harbor Rememberence

 Yes that is a clip from Michael Bay’s turd of a movie. But that clip was the only item decent from the movie. 

75 years ago. I worry that the lessons that should be learned from the day haven’t been learned. Ask ourselves do we feel safe that something like this couldn’t happen today? Terrorists boarding places or kamikaze pilots from overseas wanting to attack us?! Are our agencies coordinating well enough together to be able to prevent something like this today? I have my doubts.

But human error, too, played a significant factor in the Pearl Harbor attacks, despite the intelligence committee’s overarching conclusion that the official blame lay with the Japanese alone. The U.S. commander at Pearl Harbor knew, for one example, that a Japanese submarine was sunk in the mouth of the harbor the morning of the attack, and yet anti-aircraft gun crews stationed there weren’t poised to defend against a larger assault. Ships at the base were grouped together and planes were in their airfields to prevent sabotage, which the U.S. military at that time considered the most credible threat.

My gratitude and special thanks to those that served and gave their lives.

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