Best Time with Daughter, New Spiderman Trailer, and New Golf Local Rule

My day. It started off with some writing on my website. Then it was time to get the ball rolling and drive up to see my daughter. It’s so enjoyable to see her becoming her own individual person with such spunk and zest. We started off with some soccer fun and she wanted me to try to score on her. After the first few, she kept telling me to back up nearly to halfway down the field. Then we did some Star Wars trivia, Gilmore Girls trivia (which I’m not up on), and then it’s off to get some yogurt and look at the bookstore.

Off to the drive home and I couldn’t believe Waze was having me go in directions I had never heard of. Three toll roads and I was home in two hours in the middle of rush hour traffic. Amazing.

Come home and I see the new Spiderman trailer is out. Look quite good.

Turn on the tube and I see Kayleigh McEnany. She drives me straight up a wall. The constant attitude. It gets old. So I particularly enjoyed this discussion.

Now onto some golf. 

It’s about time we had this rule on the books. Finally,  you can just place it back where it was without penalty. If the wind or the slope takes it, you play it where it lies. Just so we all understand.



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