Why I Voted for Gary Johnson


First of all, I wasn’t excited about him or his platform. But as we saw mainstream candidates have record low favorabilities it became easier. I constantly kept thinking ,”Is this the best that we have to offer?” Yes he had his “Name your favorite World Leader” and his “Allepo” moment which I’ll even showcase to show that even he wasn’t my favorite.

My vote was more about a vote of power. We, as Americans, need to show that the two party system isn’t working and we need more choices. The dopopoly – the system made of just two choices – isn’t the best that we can do. My vote signifies and sends a message to both parties that they have failed me in sending me acceptable candidates that meet my values. Plain and simple. Gary Johnson wasn’t on the top of my list as far as Libertarian candidates but he was on the ballot of all 50 dates. So that was a definite necessity. He had eight years of executive experience as governor of New Mexico which is more experience that either Hillary or Trump had in working with both Democrats and Republicans.

As for those that say he’s a wasted vote. I’ll respond with this. No candidate — Republican, Democrat or any other party — is inherently entitled to your vote. The right to vote is a precious thing. It’s something many people have fought (both literal wars and political fights) to obtain and protect. It should not be given lightly to any candidate. Candidates should earn your vote, not assume it belongs to them. Beyond that, your vote is an expression of who you are. What values you believe in, and what you believe is truly best for the country.

Hillary was deeply flawed. Benghazi, emails mysteriously disappearing, under fire in Bosnia… I could go on.

Trump was well. Himself. No experience. All talk. Conjob. We’ll all see.

I wouldn’t leave my wife or daughter in the same room with this guy for two seconds.

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