Golf Today and What I watched

Wake up this morning and I’m getting ready for Christmas and Saturday’s Christmas party. But first some golf. I arrived and knew that it might be a weird day as it was mentioned that we were going to do a scramble format for the day. Argh. Not my favorite. Mainly because it’s such a super slow round of golf. Talk. Talk. Talk. Wait. Look over every angle. Hit it. Discuss. It makes for a very long day. But when two guys in my group are in “practice seriously” mode for this Saturday’s tournament – it makes the day even longer.

I should have known when on the second hole the comments and disparaging remarks were starting to fly.

“I thought you might three putt again…”

So next hole I give it back to him and talk about where he was aimed for a shot and where he wound up hitting it. Give and take. I should have known that it would end up with someone’s feelings get hurt in the group. Drama. I’ll pass. HaHa. One guy went home and the remainder of us went and had a beer. We compete hard. Golf hard at times. Then we shake hands and are friends at the end. You can’t take things personal.


Interestingly enough. On the 16th hole of our scramble, one of my competitors thought it was a match play event and just picked up his mark. We told him he had to putt it out and he put it back down and did putt out. But that in itself – is a one stroke additional penalty.

USGA Rules for Accidentally picking up Ball Marker

But the show goes on. Nothing you can do about it now. Honestly, I’m just glad to be out there playing. But I do get confused at the way they play sometimes…oh well.


I got home and it was time to fix things with my Drobo. I use my Drobo for the ultimate in storage with my photography.

Drobo. Ultimate for Storage

Now my wife and I are up and watching Survivor. Zzzzzz. Goodness. I think I’ll end this blog post before I put any readers completely to sleep.

This interview below with Kevin Costner today on Dan Patrick was very good. Much watch.

Our yearly Christmas party is this Saturday. It should be a lot of fun and laughs. Quite looking forward to it.



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