Rogue One Review *Spoiler Free*


Lets just cut to the chase. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story does not disappoint.

We follow a young rebel named Jyn Erso played by Felicity Jones who we follow from being a young kid to growing up and being thrust into having to help steal the plans for the Death Star.

Rogue One is a simple, smart concept: Make a standalone movie based on the opening crawl of Star Wars: A New Hope. The story is familiar to fans and we don’t feel distant from the characters – even though they are fresh to us. Plenty of throwbacks to the original trilogy to make you feel like you’re watching something that you’ve known forever.

I applaud Disney for taking the chances of late for having females be lead protagonists. About time and why not?!? This is a thrilling, well-told, Star wars movie that will definitely scratch any fan’s itch. Can you believe we went thru a period of time where we thought we would never get another Star Wars movie?! This is a movie that succeeds because it doesn’t need to set things up for a trilogy. It doesn’t need to set things up for the next movie – because that next movie has already been done in 1977. That’s the very nature of how “Prequels” work.

I’m glad we live in an age where we’re going to start getting Star Wars movies yearly and taking bits from what we’ve known and expanding on it. Sure we may see some bombs but this definitely wasn’t one of them. Soon we’ll see the 2018 young Han Solo movie which will be the first true test. How can a standalone movie do with a character that is so beloved and do that in a prequel type fashion? We will find out.


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