Saturday Highlights

Saturday morning was off to a good start albeit a cold one. My car while driving to the golf course said it was forty degrees outside. Forty degrees. Yikes!


A quick warm up and it was time to tee-off. First Saturday tournaments are usually a lot of fun because of the participation. Hey it’s the members that make any tournament enjoyable. 4 1/2 hours usually aren’t my thing and I usually don’t have the patience for scramble type events. My focus tends to deter and then I make mistakes. As the round was definitely full of course management mistakes. I hit the ball in the water on 12 (a lot of green to work with so no reason for that), #4 hit the wrong ball because I didn’t precisely for my marking on the ball (so we wound up getting up and down from my partner’s ball from 100 yards for par), and #17 I tried to hit it thru an opening rather than playing it safe down an adjacent fairway. All errors I normally wouldn’t do because I’m just focusing on my game and I’m normally very set in my routine. We definitely had fun – the choice on 17 probably cost us a tie for the lead in the tournament. But all and all, a very enjoyable time.



Costco Ball

This new Costco Kirkland golf ball is creating quite the discussion. I totally don’t get it. What’s the big deal? It’s just another four-piece Urethane golf ball. Four-piece balls have been around forever. Yes,  they sure do go further but you pay for it with spin, feel, and short game. Count me out as being a fan. Also, why is it necessarily a big deal that you can buy golf balls at Costo? You can buy just about everything else there. Costo is sold out almost everywhere for these balls (including online) so my guess it’s only a matter of time before they re-stock. So don’t be stupid enough to pay the ridiculously inflated Ebay prices.


Christmas party was a big success. I tapered off beer after having two. I think I was just bored with it and more interested in the company at the party. Topics that I remember discussing: Golf, Photography, Macintosh, movies and theater, and soccer/volleyball. Special thanks to everyone that took the time out of their busy lives to come and join us to celebrate the Christmas season.


Trump was again portrayed on SNL last evening. So if you’re needing a morning laugh – this will probably do it.


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