First new Bladerunner Trailer, New Wonder Woman Photo, and more


Time Magazine had a good article discussing the movie that is 75 years in the making. Article is here. I think the director/movie is going in a good direction based on the existing trailer that I’ve seen. I can’t wait to see it. During Time Magazine’s interview with Gal Gadot they took this photo above with the iconic bracelets.

They’re making a new Bladerunner with Harrison Ford. The last Bladerunner was rather iconic and told the story of a detective who’s job it was to hunt down four replicants who had stolen a ship and returned to earth to try and find their creator. I still can’t believe that movie came out in 1982.

Here is the trailer for the new film that is due out in 2017.

My friend Terri is in the hospital recovering today. I’m hoping for a speedy recovery so she can be home and enjoy the holidays. Here’s a picture of all of us celebrating her birthday.


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