Last Few Days

Last few days I’ve been busy setting up a new system in the house. We replaced all the bulbs in our house with the Phillips Hue system. Mainly I chose that system because it works with both Siri and my Amazon Echo. It took a bit of figuring a few things out but now it works marvelously.

Simply wake up and say ,”Turn on Office Lights.” Boom – it’s done. Also I can set routines so that at 6 am the lights are already on. Very helpful.

Golf with my buddies Pete and Gary this morning was fun. I couldn’t hit a cut to save my life today. Draw yes! 5 yard draw. No problem. Cut?! Nope. Starting way out right and not cutting. Have to work on more solid contact and starting the ball on line. I had to bail after nine today because I wanted to get home, shower, eat, and then drive up to see my daughter. She’s on the school choir and tonight was their Christmas event. She’s growing up so fast in front of my eyes that I cannot believe that soon she’s going to be nine. I really wish my mom would have met her. Or for that matter my dad.

Christmas is four days away or by the time that I post this – just three days. Hard to believe that it’s upon us already.

Data. I saved my butt again. I’m a firm believer in the three backups. One local, One in the cloud, and one off-site. I have an encrypted backup on a flash drive in my car, encrypted off-site, and encrypted local. Three copies or you don’t really have a copy at all.


My step-son Tommy has been home for less than two days from college and on his second day, he’s already sleeping until 11:30 AM. Well, that didn’t take long.  Madness! Madness I tell you. I can’t even remember sleeping until 9 am of recent.


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