Christmas Eve Catchup

Bill Maher finally speaks since the election has been decided. His show is on hiatus so I’m very interested to see what he says once he returns.

Yesterday, my wife and I decided to brave Costco. Now by brave I really mean that I drove around for forty-five minutes looking for parking while my wife was shopping inside. Madness! Madness I tell you. Then we drove over to our local grocery store only to find that about 60% of the items that we wanted were sold out. Oh the joy of the holidays. Everyone wanting everything last minute – to which I included myself in that category.

rogueone_onesheetaMy daughter and I are headed to see Rogue One today in the theaters. I can’t wait for this. I’m interested in how she responds to it. This movie definitely has a more adult tone to it than the kids friendly version of ‘Force Awakens’


Have you heard of this app called ‘Pastebot’ from Tapbots? They’re the company that make the popular Twitter client Tweetbot. Well one of my biggest issues that I have is that I copy and paste a lot. I want it organized and it’s a tedious process of having to copy and then paste items one by one. Well with Pastebot I can save everything all together, lebel them, and then paste them at my choosing later. But at least they’re all stored together.



Carrie Fisher reportedly had a heart attack while on her way back to Los Angeles. Mark Hamill said it best below.

Everybody have a safe Christmas Eve!

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