Carrie Fisher, Golf, and More from Yesterday

I started the morning off with some golf at the lovely morning hour of 7:30 at Sycuan. Sycuan, btw, is in amazing shape these days. Greens and fairways are looking amazing. All the rain is helping but the recent work to the course is going to make it in excellent shape this summer as well.

As far as the golf, I played decent but putted awful. Three separate holes with three putts and a double bogey on an easy hole where I was being too aggressive to try and get us back in the match. 81 and should have been a 78 fairly easily. That’s the good news and the shining light of it.


My buddy Doug. Well he was a different story.

Doug on hole 10 of Willow

Four doubles and one triple and only 28% of Greens in Regulation. The highlight of the scorecard was not a single three-putt. But when you consider that he was even thru three holes – it was a round of “What could have been?!”

Next Wednesday will be the first Wednesday tournament and it’ll be the first competitive round of the new year.

Carrie Fisher passed away. This one hit me hard from my childhood. If it hadn’t been for her performance – we wouldn’t have the phenomenon that Star Wars is today.

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