Movie Review: Manchester by the Sea


Today I had earned enough points with my Regal Clubcard for a free movie. I was torn between Passengers and Manchester by the Sea. Being that this is a review of it – I think you can guess what I went to go and see.

90% of the movie tries to tell the story of how Lee Chandler (Casey Affleck) is going thru life dealing with a big tragedy in his life. We meet his character going back home to deal with the passing of his brother, Joe.

Lee, though, already lives with a much more extreme kind of pain. You can see it in his smallest gestures and hear it in his flat, careful diction. The force of his pent-up emotion is terrifying, and so is the self-control he must exercise to keep it invisible. About half-way thru the film we realize why he’s carrying this heavy load on his shoulders.

How could anyone deal with such a disaster? How do you live with yourself afterward? Those are all questions that are given to the viewers.


The only parts that bothered me with this movie were Michelle Williams and the ending. The ending will leave you feeling non-completed. I kind of got the vibe that they just wanted this story done and the writers weren’t sure where to go. Michelle Williams, while sometimes I think her performances are top notch, this was not one of those. I kept asking myself for anything memorable from her when it was over.

Enjoyable movie all and all. Was it one of the best of the year? Doubtful.

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