Yesterday’s Steele Canyon Fun


Off to Steele Canyon for an early 6:51 tee time. I was curious to see how the course conditions would be and how they’ve held up with our new rain that we’ve had and how well they fared throughout the drought. Tee boxes were in excellent shape. Fairways were a little rough and not flourishing with grass. The greens though – quick – an 11 on the stump meter. Slightly hard as well. Anything that landed on the front of the greens definitely released and rolled to the middle and sometimes back of the green.

It’s good to get out with a bunch of good guys – Doug, Eric, and Keith who all push my golf game but at the same time you can just have an enjoyable time out on the golf course.

85 for me from the back Black tees. 46-39. Hit 92% of the fairways but 44% of the Greens in Regulation. 36 putts for the round and no penalties.

My buddy Doug – when you look at the stats. It’s easy to see where he got the 99 from. 11% of Greens in Regulation and 62% of the fairways. With as long as he hits it – the fairway stat is really good. It’s the GIR that hurts him. Missing so far left or right. Also 4.5 strokes in penalties. Either OB/Hazard. That stuff adds up.

Keith had an 83 which I know he isn’t happy with – but he’s going thru a swing change. Eric – not sure what he had but it must’ve been low to mid-80s.

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