New Year. Day 2.

New Year’s Eve and New Years Day

We made it to midnight along with our friends. Midnight in California – not midnight in New York and then going to bed. If my desire was early to bed, I’d probably just ring in the new year with London. 4 pm I’d have been in bed. HaHa

Our good friends, Terri and Andy, had everyone over for drinks and appetizers and we welcomed our friends the McKee’s. Or as I call him on the golf course, The Doctor.


Keith McKee and Myself

Andy brought out the good whiskey. I tried a new tactic this year. Just a couple of beers and stick with fireball. No NYE throwing up for me.


Some of Andy’s good stuff….

I got home and went to bed. Home by 1 am and slept in until about 6:30 AM. Some of us weren’t so lucky that evening though…


Conversation with the Doctor…


That brings us to New Year’s Day. My wife and I had this crazy idea that she wanted to go to the gym. So we made the way and accomplished that. Of course is it was crazy busy. Lots of people getting in their NY’s resolutions – that may last for about thirty days. I’m giving people about two weeks.

On a different note, Keith’s daughter, Kate, finally started watching the Star Wars movies. A 21 year old that hasn’t watched the original trilogy – I didn’t think that existed in this generation.


Kate and Keith’s wife, Cindi (Possibly misspelled)

Now back to New Years. We decided to hit up Parkway Mall. I absolutely dislike that mall. It’s not so much the stores as it’s just the type of customers that they get. It seems whenever you get a Walmart that opens in your mall, Boom all the white trash come out of the woodwork. I was there for a particularly different reason. My wife gave me a nice Citizen watch that needed some work. The calendar system didn’t work with leap years but the clock and look of the watch was very eye pleasing. So it was time to take it to the repair shop. Aren’t you a technology guy? Yes – definitely. My choice is definitely the Apple Watch. It offers so much to your daily life.

Week coming up….

Golf with the guys on Tuesday. First Wednesday Tournament on Wednesday. I see my daughter this coming Saturday. Geez – I can’t believe she’s turning 9 this month. She’s coming into her own so well and developing into such a good kid. I’m definitely a proud dad.

I’m thinking of hitting up the gym but I’m debating what time will be the least hell like. Geez. So many people going. I’d almost be better just to wake up at 1 am and then go. Hey I said – almost – not that it’s happening.




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