Wednesday Hump Day

I’m fighting some congestion in my throat and have been going through some Hoarseness. So yesterday’s round of golf. Well…it was lucky that it happened. Today is the first Wednesday Tournament and it should be interesting to see the turnout for the first event of the year.

Did you guys see this dabbing thing that happened during the swearing in of a congressman? I’m not sure what it is but still funny that it happened.

I guess Prince Harry even did it a while ago…has the planet gone nuts?!?

Moving on….

Maybe instead of saying this – you should give the intelligence officials the benefit of the doubt in that they’re presenting evidence and facts to you. I know you like to think you know everything. The sooner you realize that you don’t – the better it’ll be for the country.

Onto New Year’s Resolutions. 


I tried being humorous on Facebook and somehow it turned into a thread on the benefits of veganism/vegetarian. *Bangs head on desk*

Did you catch last night’s ‘School of Golf’? It seems GolfChannel got smart and hired Blair O’Neil to be with Martin Hall full time. Best decision they’ve made since Holly Sonders.

Also she looks good. In just about anything….

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