What a Golf Adventure

Before I get to the golf adventure. Something slightly humorous. Anyone remember the wrestler Ric Flair? Well he’s now 67 years old and posted to twitter that he can deadlift 400lbs. No I wasn’t one of those people into wrestling…

Now onto the golf….

Yesterday was the first Wednesday Golf Tournament. The format? 1-2-3-Waltz. It just means on a certain hole that you count so many scores of your group. We were hot on the front 9 but cooled off on the back nine. Our group, unfortunately, had to settle for 2nd place which I’m now counting 4-5 strokes we left out there. Maybe even seven.

Golf Results…

But the highlight that everyone is now talking about. Or lowlight for me. My group is on the 13th hole. I’m looking at my putt. Out of the corner of my eye, I see my cart heading slowly down a slope and picking up speed heading at a lake. I take off but I can’t get to my cart and bag in time and the whole thing went into the lake. Now the image below isn’t my group and mine was a push-cart but it’s more so you can get a hint of what happened.

Crazy People…

Between Doug and Gary using their putters to make sure the golf bag and cart didn’t sink as well as go out to the middle of the lake – I think I was more in shock that this all was happening. Part of me just wanted to break out into laughter. Fortunately, we were able to fish it out of the lake. I’m sure the group behind us was thinking ,”Look at these fucking guys…”

So yes I think I’m in an exclusive club. Maybe call this club “A Special Kind of Stupid.”

Golf bag dried out well. Clubs dried out perfectly. Golf Rangefinder, however, is shot. Dead. Gone. So I’m in the market for a new rangefinder.

Clubs Dried Out

Onto some different golf related notes. My buddy Doug played in our group and I was optimistic that he was due for a round in the low 80s. Instead, he was spraying the ball all over the place. He’s got such ability and potential. He’ll get it and on an upside – he out putted me yesterday. 36-38 putts.

Since the popularity of Blair O’Neil and being on Golf Channel – I thought I’d add another video of her. How to “Skip your Balls over Water.”


Onto Grayson Allen from Duke. This kid. Dan Patrick I think is a bit surprised that he literally only got a one game suspension.


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