Friday Catch Up

So Trump continues to second guess our best intelligence officials…Why? Being skeptical is one thing. But being naive is another. Our intelligence officials have been the ones tasked with keeping our country safest and not taking any chances. I praise the Republicans that are siding with our best in the intelligence committee.

Top Movies of 2016

I’m working on my list. It’s about 1/4 of the way done and by the weekend I should have my list of favorite movies of 2016.

Star Wars

Yes the passing of Carrie Fisher is sad. But it’s time for fans to ask how does the episode 9 continue?


Today I’m back at it with some early practice. I’ll be back to my gym schedule next week and golfing with the guys today. It should be fun as normal and maybe Doug can actually figure out his golf swing. My money is on Yes. Now we just need it to show up for some events.

I’ll actually be golfing today without my cart going in the water. Amazing!! I’ve enjoyed some good and well-deserved ribbing.


From my Buddy Pete’s blog. View his blog here.


The bag is dried out. My lovely wife was nice enough to even clean and wash everything. So wallah. Good as new.


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