Donald Trump and his Wall, Sergio Marriage, and Golf With the Guys


It seems a lot of Mexican’s probably feel the same way. We can’t really force another group of people to pay for something that they don’t want. How’s that the American way?

It also appears Sergio Garcia is ready to tie the knot.

Happy for him. Maybe now with the right lady in his life he can win some majors.

Golf with the boys yesterday sure was a lot of fun. Doug was on cruise control to break 90. Then I think he was over-thinking and instead of just hitting safe shots – tried a few heroic ones. Bingo! Bango! Before you know it – Double – Triple Bogey for a 90. It sounds absurd but he’s just hit that proverbial wall where he’s just fighting to get past that point. Last summer he was fighting to break 80 and have a round in the 70s. He’ll get there.


A drink with my fellow competitor and then off to be home with the family….


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