Donald Trump Read as the Joker and Today’s Dating Websites. Scary!


I appreciate that Mark Hamill took the time to record some of Donald Trump’s tweet’s in the voice as the Joker. Definitely well done. For those wondering what he’s reading – here is the exact quote.

Onto another subject. Today’s college kids and the plethora of dating and “hook-up” websites/IPhone Apps that are available today. Goodness.


  • Tinder
  • Pure
  • Bang With Friends
  • Grindr
  • My source website sites Snapchat
  • Coffee Meets Bagel
  • Date My School
  • Plenty of Fish

There are many others and many that are just as popular and they’re popping up all the time. I think it’s my age and possibly the fact that I have a daughter that is making me feel differently about this in a big way. These “dating” websites – if you can really call it that – I think just really enforce the stigma that you’re not good enough as you are and you should be something that you’re not. Show more cleavage, put on that new bikini, and get more likes/swipes on Tinder, etc. We’ve taken the dance club meat market scene and now taken it to the phone.

If you’re a nerd/geek – these websites/IPhone apps are a waste of time for you. They’re just going to force you to put forth an image of something that you’re not. Sure, you can go out and have someone take glamourous shots of you at a park with wonderful backlighting in a dress shirt, casual, and look all suave. You may even have some ladies like the photography of you – but then comes the actual challenge that exists ALL ALONG – you have to have the date and talk to them. If you’re on a dating site, these sites don’t highlight personality or character. It’s all abs, arms, body, etc. So if you’re a geek and you’ve had professional photos done, and then you show up and show your true colors, I wouldn’t expect it to go well.

My advice. Be yourself. If you’re a nerd and you like Star Wars. Be a nerd that likes Star Wars. Go to places where you’ll find people that share similar interests. If it’s Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc go to a Comic Convention. If you’re passionate about your religion, go to church and church functions and you might be surprised who you may meet. That is an honest first impression that will be based on appearance as well as personality and how you talk to people.

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