Meryl Streep, Baywatch, Kris Bryant = Good Weekend

Woke up Monday morning, they released the 2nd trailer to Baywatch. I swear some mornings it’s not worth getting out of bed.

Now onto some things more serious.

I’d be very careful what you wish for. Leon Panetta has mentioned on numerous occasions that the future is cyber warfare and that we’re not prepared for it. Our nuclear power and electric grids, for example.

Lindsey Graham was just spot on in this interview. I particularly supported the words that he had to say about his own party.

Meryl Streep had her moment making some digs at the President-elect. Well deserved. He’s a controversial figure who has said some things that a lot of America will and does disagree with. He’s done some things that I wouldn’t trust him in the same room alone with my daughter. Who knows what goes on in his head??! I have no idea.

Is he going to respond on Twitter anytime anyone says something he doesn’t like?!?

This is what we voted for??!

Now I do sincerely hope that he does well. But, it’s time to grow up Donald and act like an adult. You’re the President for ALL people of America. Not just the ones that voted for you.

La La Land won a ton of Golden Globes. I still have a near zero interest in seeing it. Not my type of film.

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Mr. & Mrs. Bryant!! 📸: @j.annephotography

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Kris Bryant (Mr. MVP) tied the knot wearing his Cubs blue. Well done sir!


Ten years ago today, Steve Jobs and Apple launched the IPhone. Think of how many ways it has changed our culture. Though I could do without people running into me when they’re looking down at their phones while walking…


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