Obama Farewell, Trumpcare, and More

Wednesday rainy day. 

President Obama said his farewell. A rather eloquent speech. A perfect way to go out. Mark my words: He’ll be remembered especially as we see what’s coming.

Golf yesterday was enjoyable. 75 for the day.


Board meeting was last night and a lot was discussed going forward. I sometimes think we’re trying to legislate too much instead of just letting people play golf. We already have enough rules for the game of golf.


Anyone else watching this press conference that he’s doing now? I’m so tired of the hyperbole. Also – if the Affordable Care Act is in such dire straights – why’d you let it become that? We’ve had a Republican House and a Democratic Senate and nobody could work together to fix it? For years? To say this is the Democrats fault – and they own it – is pure malarky. Our Congressional leaders – could have – oh I don’t know – lead. No, instead they waited for this to happen to reap the political benefits. Yes, they played politics with your wallet.

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