Los Angeles Chargers, Golf, and ACA

Dan Fouts discusses the Chargers moving to Los Angeles. Money money money. It was all money. Just makes you feel worthless as a fan. The Chargers made little to no attempt at outside fundraising for the stadium and poof – just like that they’re gone. I hope the ownership goes to LA and sees two fans in attendance.

Onto some golf…

Justin Thomas shot an amazing 59. Youngest even in the history of the PGA Tour to shoot that score. What an amazing round.

Tomorrow playing in a partners tournament. Two man – better ball score. So we’ll each finish out the hole and just pick the lowest score less handicaps. I’m playing with my buddy Doug who is overdue for some low-80’s action. If the driver gets out of control, I’m definitely going to be telling him to start hitting the three wood or the hybrids. Just get yourself in play. My game has been looking good and I’ve been playing some solid golf. I’m going to get in some practice this afternoon and we’ll see where things are at again.

Step-son Tommy is moving back into the dorms. So it’ll be just my wife and I at home again. Ahhhhh! I enjoy the weekend visits or even grabbing lunch but the whole month or even several month long visits wears me out.

Onto the ACA…


So the Republican party is going to start dismantling the ACA. What are they replacing it with? No clue. But they sure are in a hurry to start making people’s lives for difficult health wise. BTW, when Trump says that the ACA is a disaster – it’s only a disaster because our legislators (on both sides of the aisle) did nothing for years and just let this happen. They could have, at any time, picked up the pen and started trying to actually benefit people’s lives. But it wasn’t politically optimal. Sad.

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