Sunday Morning

Sunday morning is upon us and it’s time to reach for my morning coffee. Argh! Nothing better than a good cup of coffee

Saturday Golf Tournament

Well, it was a good morning for golf. Sun was out but the course was thoroughly drenched. I almost thought we shouldn’t have had the event and just let the course recover but if we hadn’t played on it – someone else would have.

My partner and I had a better ball score of -1. Which I knew would suck terribly when it stacked up with other pairings. My ball striking just wasn’t there and my putting was off. I’m trying a few new things with my putter stroke. One – trying to have it be so long on the finish. Two – trying to have a better cadence to it.


Individual scores. 87 for myself and 96 for my partner. On a positive note – after looking at my stats – it really was just a few bad shots that put me in places where I made some bad decisions. 81 was really realistically where I should have been yesterday when looking at it all. My partner, Doug, I’m just at a loss of words. So much potential and just can’t execute. Silly mistakes throughout the entire round and it ends up costing him and us in the end. Mistakes made on both sides – mostly myself trying to be too aggressive and get us in the tournament.

Food Snob



I’m more concerned with the 2nd part of this definition. Let’s get real here. You’re not a chef at a major restaurant. You’re not operating a top food website. You’re not a professional wine/food taster. If you roll your eyes when my wife is giving her opinion on food – you’re missing a key point. Nobody cares what your opinion is of a certain food. I’m not having a meal with anybody that is going to appear on Top Chef. I was looking for a better way to sum up my feelings exactly on this and came to this article from a top chef in Los Angeles.  So I’ll quote the bit that summed up my feelings.

Here’s the thing most of us food-people don’t realize: nobody cares. Unless the subject in question is a food-person too (or a non-food person with a potluck to go to), no one wants to hear about the flavor profiles of the “sinfully decadent” soufflé you made or the ideal cacao percentage to use for baking. We assume that since it’s food and it’s something we all partake in every day, that it’s ok to wax on and on about… wax beans. Well, it’s not. It’s the same as a computer-geek talking to you about the new operating system for the iPhone when all you know about the iPhone is that it has Angry Birds and Words with Friends. Most people just eat to live, and we live to eat; significant difference, for sure, but there has to be a way the two worlds can coexist peaceably without pretention.

To me, it’s always been about the company and not what food I’m having. People matter.

I could wax on and on about cameras (both professional and consumer grade) and I could go on and on about Photography software and what’s inferior and what’s superior. I could go on and on about optimizing OS X and Windows. But you’ll sit there and think ,”I don’t care.” So when you bring up how much you love your IPhone photography, I definitely won’t roll my eyes and you won’t hear a smug/snob comment coming from me. Different strokes for different folks.

When people ask about my camera recommendations. Very first question I ask ,”How much are you willing to spend?” People have different priorities.

Big E’s Birthday

Celebrating at Pacific Islander

It was good yesterday to get together and see Big E and celebrate another year on this earth. Sure as hell beats the alternative. Playing golf with both him and Keith McKee have both gotten me to lighten up about the game. Much needed.

Packers vs Cowboys. 

I’m not going to mess with Aaron Rodgers.


Donald Trump on SNL for your Comedy

so good….hilarious!


No none of the above is geared towards a specific person. So don’t be all ,”Is he talking about me?” This wasn’t written with a specific person (s) in mind. It was speaking in general.

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