Trump Confirmation Hearings, Affleck and the BBC, Golf and Rory, and Inauguration Day

Trump Confirmation Hearings

Betsy Davos. I think she could potentially be very bad for the school systems. Time will tell.

Ben Affleck Interviewed by BBC

Ben Affleck confirms that he has seen ‘sad affleck.’ Quite funny.

Onto Some Golf

Brandel Chamblee loves to talk numbers and he made as assertion a year ago saying that the best players on tour “hit down on the ball.”


Rory McIlroy took the time to respond personally….

My Golf News


Course was in amazing shape yesterday. Nice day. 79 for the score. But what’s a bummer was that I was +3 thru 14 and hitting from the middle of the fairway on the 15th hole. Stupid mistakes coming in. Argh!!

Bob Madsen points that it might be something to do with energy levels. Perhaps eating something throughout the round might be helpful along with some water, etc. Very true. Worthwhile point.

Onto Donald

Who else is tired of this Donald Trump crap? I haven’t seen him make any effort to bridge the divide between him and the rest of Americans that did not vote for him. I just hope his presidency is nothing like his cabinet picks. Otherwise, who knows what we’re really in for. Entering going into the inauguration with a 35% approval rating. This just shows me how deep the divide is in this country.

I really get tired of the “Make America Great Again” because I firmly believe we never stopped being great.

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