Inauguration Day

Today marks an important day in our history. The taking of office of our new president Donald Trump. Wow! I never thought to be saying that.  Yep! It actually happened.

This will actually be the first inauguration that I will not be watching. But I may occasionally read some new stories on my phone.  I think with everything that happened with the election,  how polarizing the election process has become, the FBI deciding to weigh in the week before we cast our ballots, and numerous other items… I will not be watching.

I genuinely hope that Donald Trump leads the nation as a party of unity and tries to understand that he needs to be president of all people. But I’m doubtful he’ll understand this.

Someone on my Facebook feed wrote…

“Barack Obama is a Hollywood President.”

To that I have a simple response. Where do you think Ronald Reagan came from? He had a history of movies and was well-connected throughout California. Not to mention that our new president Donald Trump, attended the Golden globes for ‘The Apprentice’.  Some of these comments just seem so silly to me that I shouldn’t even bother with a response anymore.

Did anyone catch this comment that Donald Trump made yesterday  – where he claimed that his cabinet has the highest IQ ever assembled? Talk about insulting to the likes of Karl Rove or any other presidential cabinet. Well , Donald, you set the bar very high now.

So Barack Obama will leave office with a 60% approval rating. I think that’s amazing when you look at how polarizing politics has come.

Instead of watching this year’s inauguration, my stepson Tommy and I are going to go watch the movie Silence. It should be a good time and I’m looking forward to it.

Barack Obama on Twitter:


I feel like we need something funny now. Usually when I need someone funny – I call on Conan.



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