Trump Speaks at the CIA and Kelly and her Alternate Reality

Trump Speaks at CIA

I took big issue with his speech. This CIA wall is sacred ground. These stars represent the lives of men and women that have given their lives in the name of country. Many of the stars they can’t even put a name with due to their missions being classified. Not every CIA employee even gets a star. You must do something heroic or have died in some act of terrorism and even then it has to be recommended by the Director of the CIA.

Ultimate Price. Ultimate Respect. 


This is a time to be selfless. To talk of the fallen. To give them the ultimate respect.

“It’s simply inappropriate to engage in self obsession on a spot that memorializes those who obsessed about others, and about mission, more than themselves,” – former CIA acting director John McLaughlin

If Trump was aware of how important these grounds are, he barely showed it. He talked of his intelligence, Inauguration attendance, the feud with the Intelligence community, and covered his appearance on the cover of Time Magazine.

This is, perhaps, what happens when we elect a man that has zero military experience and hasn’t taken the time to know our history. Also, a strong possibility he’s a self-obsessed man.

Kelly-Anne Conway and ‘Alternative Facts’

Give me a break. Are you living in your own alternative reality as well?!?! Facts are facts and just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean you get to make up your own.

So what if your numbers are less? Does this give you any more authority or make him any less of a President?! When you force the White House Press Secretary to come out and make the case for something that isn’t true – you make him look petty and small. You make yourselves look petty and small.

What next?? Trump doesn’t like a National Enquirer headline at the grocery store and wants the Press Secretary to rebuff it? Cmon.

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