So Long DirectTV. Hello Cox or Playstation Vue

I had been a seven-year loyal customer to DirectTV. I enjoyed their service and uptime. I never had an issue with equipment. Yes sometimes I had issues with the receivers seeing one another but as far as picture quality I was always very happy.

When we signed up with DirectTV they gave us a $10 discount for putting a debit card on the account and a $10 reduction for a free HD 2nd receiver. $20 is all. But when last year started, DirectTV had a crash to their systems and they claimed the $20 discount couldn’t be retrieved. They worked with me and made a year allowance of $20 a month for the year. I knew when the year mark came up that I’d then have to call back and get this reinstated. I never thought this would be a problem.

Begin Calling Customer Service

I call them and speak with the first representative. A very nice man who isn’t understanding the basic premise of what I’m saying. He keeps saying this is a promotion. I tell him ,”I’ve had this for seven years. It’s not a promotion.” I tell them that I’ll then cancel my service. They transfer me to a 2nd person. I figure this time it’ll be reasonable.

Onto the Customer Retention Agent

I don’t know if this person knew that this was their job or if it actually is their job. But, all that is standing between myself leaving your service is very simple – $20. Give me my $20 and I’m a happy customer. I’m not looking for a deep discount. I’m not looking for specials. All I want is what I was promised when I signed up seven years ago. So I figure I’ll finally reach someone that knows how simple this is.

“I can give you a $20 a month discount but I’ll need you to sign a year contract.”

I told the agent. My contract has been over for five years and I’ve still been with you and still had my $20 reduction every month. So I tell her ,”Why am I signing a contract for something I had with my initial contract.?”

So I tell her ,”Cancel my service.”

She proceeds to tell me of the responsibilities I have with sending back the receivers. Which at this point, with as annoyed I am, I will be more than happy to get rid of these receivers.


Finally, she gets done and tells me…

“We hope that you rejoin our service in the future and we’ll be glad to give you some deep discounts.”

I literally told her ,”Is that a joke?  I’m terminating my service over $20 and you think I’ll be coming back?” Their customer service and retention programs failed here. They should have looked at my past statements and seen in one minute – that it was absolutely reasonable what I was asking for.

Nope! Turn off the service.


I’m leaning towards going back to Cox Communications. I do my internet thru them and haven’t had a single issue. On the flip side, I’ve always wanted to venture into cord cutting and I’ve been experimenting with the Playstation Vue service.


Playstation Vue

Playstation Vue has a very good interface thru the AppleTV and it streams all the local tv stations as well as Golf Channel for my needs. Packages as low as $35 a month to their full lineup package at $65.


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